Childbirth Education Series

The Pampers Childbirth Education Series started out as a (not so) simple request to provide educational materials for nurses to teach new and expecting parents. This course would act as a base of knowledge to help parents know what to expect through pregnancy and post-pregnancy while also being a one stop resource for nurses who teach these classes within the hospital. After the New Parents' Guide was created, we realized that there was still work to be done in terms of video and supplementary materials. 

Creative Direction • Design • Production • Digital Strategy


When laying out the design for the New Parents' Guide we wanted to make sure that this in-depth clinical information was easy to follow and visually resembled a magazine layout with its editorial style. While a majority of the images within the New Parents' Guide are stock, we were able to take the photos of women and couples in supportive positions in house. These photos required casting, wardrobe, makeup/hair, prop design and creative direction. After creating the New Parents' Guide we found that there was a greater need for supplementary videos that nurses and doctors could send to their patients that could not attend traditional childbirth education classes. These videos ended up playing a significant role during the time of COVID-19 and social distancing, especially for this high risk audience. The videos were filmed in a professional studio and required casting, wardrobe, makeup/hair, prop design, set design and creative direction. 

Once all of the CBE pieces were created we moved to updating the website. The new videos and workbook needed to live on both (consumer) and (professional). After all of the pieces were online we moved into social media advertisements, posts and influencers. 


After the full Childbirth Education Series launched there was an outpouring of support from our influencers, news outlets and consumers, with many comments encouraging other moms to participate in the online classes offered. The campaign was launched in two waves, wave one was the initial launch and wave two was a sustaining launch for Mothers Day. 


Wave one launch data: 31 Pampers influencers went live with 62 pieces of Childbirth Education content which resulted in 6.6M swipe-ups, 9.99M total social impressions (reaching 2.38M people) resulting in 213M total engagements. The campaign was positively picked up in top-tier lifestyle, entertainment, parenting and news outlets. POPSUGARMoms shared a tweet which stated ‘Pamper’s new #childbirth education series is incredible!’. We secured 6 placements and 10.59M impressions.

Wave two sustain data: Shay Mitchell shared the CBE video asset in an in-feed Instagram post, her post received 790M organic views and  93M engagements and shared 5 Story frames resulting in more than 5.6M views and 1.6M visits. Serena Williams also shared the CBE video asset in a carousel Instagram post alongside a #TBT pregnancy image and it has garnered 191M engagements. 46 Micro influencers went live with 92 pieces of content on Instagram, reaching 338M people and further driving 1.2M visits to the microsite. The CBE video asset garnered 4.6M organic views and 500 total engagements across pampers owned social channels.

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