Mars Pet Care

Perfect Portions

Mars Petcare works to make the world a better place for pets, a world where they’re healthy, happy and welcome. Because of this, they're always finding innovative ways to help make feeding your pet easier and less wasteful. Perfect Portions serving trays are an easy way to store, serve and preserve wet food for your cat. We were tasked with creating a video promoting this innovation.

Creative Direction • Design • Video Direction • Board Design

The main goal for this piece was to create a portfolio video that felt like it fit in with current Iams, Nutro, Crave and Sheba executions while continuing to drive equity in established Perfect Portions distinct memory structure. We did this by keeping the snappy, punchy editing, SFX, motion lines, bright vivid backgrounds and the 1-2-3 nature of the messaging. We also wanted to avoid anything brand-specific that limits a portfolio approach and would only highlight one brand or formula.