In-Store Materials

Eukanuba is a dog food brand that strives to help fuel a dog's body, mind and energy. Their formulas are scientifically optimized for dogs with different activity levels, ages and sizes. Because of this, we were tasked with creating eye-catching in-store materials to promote the new formula claims and drive customer traffic to Eukanuba dog food in pet retailers. 

Creative Direction • Design • Production • Shopper Marketing


While creating these in-store materials the customer journey was very important. The idea behind a customer journey is that there are visual cues and purchase points from the moment the customer enters the store, to the point of purchase, to when they leave the store. After reviewing this journey we created in-store materials that would call attention at these touch points. Starting when they enter the store, customers would see single product case stackers and 4-bag case stackers that all call out specific formula claims. Once the customer finds the Eukanuba dog food aisle, they will be greeted with a shelf talker that promotes our partnerships. Finally, as the customer leaves to check out, they will look down and see a counter mat promoting our new formulas and dog food range.